The best chocolate surprise eggs - Creamy milk chocolate and fun toys | Choco Treasure

Choco Treasure

<span style="color: #ffffff;"> Good. Fun. Premium, Creamy Milk Chocolate with a Treasure Inside!</span>

There's so much to treasure!   Make your little ones happy with Choco Treasure with premium milk chocolate eggs and balls with a toy treasure inside!  

The creamy milk chocolate comes from Switzerland, and all the different toys are tested safe for all ages! 

Good. Fun. And Yum.

We hope you enjoy the premium 100% pure, creamy milk chocolate and have fun with all the treasures we've created!

Inside Choco Treasure there are all kinds of fun and interactive toys to discover, including bracelets, figurines, full decks of 52-mini-playing cards, magnets, stickers, vertical 3-D puzzles... and more!

All the Choco Treasure toys are tested to be safe for all ages, not just 3+ like the treasure eggs in Europe. That means we have bigger and safer toys than the eggs sold internationally – we don’t have small plastic pieces.

We'll be launching new toys and character lines every few months. Click this link to sign up to receive info about our newest products as well as contests and promotions.

If you’d prefer immediate gratification and would rather buy Choco Treasure in a store, you can click this link and request Choco Treasure at your local store.