[NEW] Choco Treasure Shopkins Surprise Eggs | Tray of 12 | Choco Treasure

Choco Treasure

[NEW] Choco Treasure Shopkins Surprise Eggs | Tray of 12

  • Fun surprise treasure in EVERY chocolate egg
  • Shopkins figurines, memory game, wearable buttons and more
  • 24 different collectible toys. Find your treasure!
  • Delicious pure Swiss milk chocolate egg
  • Available in trays of 12 eggs
  • All toys tested safe for ALL ages
  • Perfect for parties, stocker stuffer and Easter baskets

Good. Fun. And Yum.

We hope you enjoy the premium 100% Swiss milk chocolate in Choco Treasure and the rich chocolate cream that fills the crispy waffle cone in Candy Treasure Konz.

Inside Choco Treasure and Konz there are all kinds of fun toys to discover, including bracelets, figurines, memory card games, air disc launchers, stickers, and more!

All Choco Treasure toys are tested to be safe for all ages, not only 3+ like the treasure eggs in Europe (We don’t have small plastic pieces). Please note that unlike Choco Treasure, Konz does have smaller toys so they are only for kids 3+.

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