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About Us

Candy Treasure, LLC was founded by a team of grown-ups who… well…never really grew up. In 2013, Candy Treasure patented and launched the first toy treasure egg sold in the USA, designing a product that was tested safe for kids of all ages.  Years later, Candy Treasure has become an idea leader in both candy and toys, making fun and innovative surprise candy products that kids love and treasure.

About the tasty stuff we make:

We believe in making candy that we’d want our kids to eat – so we use top quality ingredients. That means our candy not only tastes delicious but is also a great choice for a treat.

About the fun stuff we make:

We believe opening Candy Treasure Konz or a Choco Treasure Egg or our Gummi Bearied Treasure should be like opening a present at Christmas or on your birthday. It should be a fun surprise and have toys you want to play with and collect. All of our products online are sold in trays to be shared with friends at playdates, parties and more!