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Frequently asked questions

Questions? Comments? Contact us:

Most of the questions we get asked (FAQ’s) are answered here. If your question is not answered, you can reach us at

Shipping Information:

Ground shipments take between 2-10 days to arrive.  You’ll get a confirmation email within 24-48 hours with tracking info.  And yes, sometimes the order might even arrive before the tracking info.

Warm weather shipping:

Please be advised that warm weather shipping is at your own risk. We don’t ship chocolate and gummies to any homes in the heat of summer, but If you live in an area where it’s really hot even in spring and autumn, you may wanted to use expedited shipping.

Looking for info about your order?

Email us at

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

Unopened non-chocolate products can be returned or exchanged if postmarked within 7 days of delivery to the address below. Chocolate cannot be returned.

Candy Treasure, LLC
P.O. Box 201
Lebanon, NJ 08833